June 22, 2017 – Redwood City, CA – Parenting coach and educator, Cynthia Klein of Bridges 2 Understanding, has recently published her new book, Ally Parenting: A Non-Adversarial Approach to Transform Conflict Into Cooperation.

Unlike most parenting books that offer ideas without explaining how to implement them, Ally Parenting provides readers with an easy-to-follow roadmap for solutions to common parenting challenges. In this step-by-step guide, Cynthia synthesizes the wisdom of her 23 years in the field and teaching over a thousand parenting classes and private coaching sessions. Through Ally Parenting, Cynthia teaches parents how to address each challenge, understand why it happened, and implement new Ally approaches for quick results.

In recent years, one of the most common issues Cynthia solves is how to manage children’s use of technology, screen time, and video games. The evolution of technology has created more difficult challenges, and parents need new tools to address these problems.

With excessive video game and technology use on the rise and increasing societal pressures, kids are getting angry and more difficult to manage, which makes it even more challenging for parents to set limits and gain cooperation in all realms of family life. As a result, parents often feel powerless. Ally Parenting gives the power back to the parents. The solutions offered in the book equip parents to take action now to regain positive authority within their families.

In the words of a family therapist who recently reviewed the book, “One of my favorite aspects of Ally Parenting is all of the real-life examples Cynthia offers from her own life and the lives of her clients. Through these examples, Cynthia explains her concepts and provides specific language for parents to use with their kids. I know I’ll be using Cynthia’s approach on a regular basis in my work with families.”

When discussing the book herself, Cynthia says, “Looking back on the process of creating this book, I am grateful for each and every parent I encountered in my work. Through our collaboration to find solutions, I consider them the true co-authors of this book.”

Cynthia Klein is a University of California at Berkeley psychology graduate, author, and public speaker. Through her company, Bridges 2 Understanding, Cynthia guides parents in creating greater connection and happiness within their families and their communities. Cynthia has been working with parents of children ages 5 to 25 as a parenting coach and educator since 1994. Cynthia coaches parents privately and designs and presents parenting education workshops for organizations, schools, and businesses. Over the past 23 years, Cynthia has taught more than a thousand parenting classes and private coaching sessions. If you would like to contact Cynthia about Ally Parenting, please visit her website, To learn more about Cynthia’s work as a parenting coach, educator, and public speaker, please visit her at

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