About the Author

Cynthia Klein provides support, current parenting information, and humorously shares her own experience of raising a daughter. Parents are inspired to look within themselves and develop their inner wisdom on how to rear their children. The success of her Ally Parenting approach is based on parents realizing that the power to change any conflict into cooperation rests on changing themselves first then their children will follow.

Cynthia Klein is a Parenting Coach and Educator since 1994, University of California Psychology graduate, author, and public speaker. Cynthia teaches parents privately along with designing and presenting parenting education workshops at numerous organizations, schools, and businesses. She authored the Middle School Mom column for Parenting on the Peninsula magazine from 2010 to 2016. She works with parents of children ages 5 to 25.

To learn more about hiring Cynthia as a parenting coach, educator, or a public speaker, go to her website www.bridges2understanding.com.

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