Ally Parenting


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A Non-Adversarial Approach to Transform Conflict Into Cooperation

Do your kids…

  • Ignore you?
  • Argue with you?
  • Shut you out?

Ally Parenting is the tool you need to master parenting skills and gain wisdom and confidence to guide your family away from conflict toward a harmonious, respectful, and cooperative home

You will learn the exact language needed to:

  • Handle emotional moments
  • Give directions that are followed
  • Manage strong-willed children
  • Solve problems together
  • Become your child’s confidant

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 “Based on the sound principle that the best way to change a relationship is by changing yourself first, Cynthia’s approach focuses on showing parents the steps to successfully open the lines of communication between parent and child.”

Michael Popkin PhD, Author Active Parenting and Founder and President of Active Parenting Publishers


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In Ally Parenting – A Non-Adversarial Approach To Transform Conflict Into Cooperation, Cynthia Klein brings together 22 years of wisdom and experience gained through teaching over 1,000 parenting classes and parenting coaching sessions. While teaching parents, Cynthia personally tested her methods in her own family as she raised her daughter. Cynthia equips you with clear and concise role-play examples of language to gently lead your parent-child interactions away from conflict toward greater cooperation and mutual respect.

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Cynthia Klein